Friday, November 2, 2012

Fanatical Friday

I've been a little all over the map this week.  I keep starting posts with my projects I'm doing and then don't finish them.  I have a bad habit that if something else interests me in the middle of something I just over to that instead of finishing the current project.  Joe says I have a fear of success - um, no.  I just have a high functioning ability to multitask and change gears easily.  It's what made me really great at my last job - I could move from one building to another in a matter of seconds if a property manager called unexpectedly with questions.  What made me great at work - hinders me at home.  I think it's because I don't have deadlines like I did at work.  Hence - my first purchase:

Courtesy of SincerelyYoursPaper

Bought this 20x20 inch personalized puppy from Etsy.  It just happens to be made by a lovely lady named Amy here locally.  What a surprise!  It's dry erase and just the right size - but doesn't fit on our fridge.  Made the mistake of assuming it would fit on ours as I didn't measure before I purchased.  Naughty Beth.  I also have nowhere to put it right now on the walls because I assumed it would go on the fridge.  I'll let you know what we come up with over the weekend.  It might be going on the pantry door after I frame it and make it pretty.  These come in different colors and patterns - I just ordered the same one as the pic b/c the green matches our kitchen walls perfectly.

Today I WILL finish my last curtain panel for the kitchen/den area.  I just have to blind hem stitch the top and bottom and add the grommets and hang and voila!  Finally that project will be completed.  I promise - pics on Monday.  Actually, I might post over the weekend in an attempt to catch up.

Did I ever mention I'm painting our master bath?  I am.  Got the separate toilet room painted last Sunday and have taken a painting break since then.  There's a lot of taping off to do and it's hard to paint during Evelyn's waking hours.  Joe has been working late too so it's best if I just hold off until he's home over the weekend to tackle the rest of the bathroom.  That post coming next week too - I'll need help with my decision for window treatments over my bathtub.  You readers are always such a big help!

The fabric for Evelyn's window treatments for her big girl bedroom also came in - in up to my ears in window treatments this week.  She and I are going to discuss options today.....should be interesting.  She'll most likely be discussing elephants with me the entire time I'm trying to lead her in this serious conversation. 

I've been distracted from work on the house by blankets for Rita's baby - again, an ongoing project because I then got distracted from that by this on Etsy:

 Courtesy of byrdlegs on Etsy
Yep, Etsy can eat it - BOOM!  This lil momma made it for half the price they sell it for.  I was actually going to buy it - but I wrote and asked if she preshrunk the fabric before having it monogrammed and she never wrote me back (it's been 2 weeks).  So I found and bought the fabric, preshrunk it, had it monogrammed, and just made it myself. 
Perfect for Hogs games. Evelyn thinks it's for her - since we have the same initials.  I had to take it from her room and sneak into the guest bathroom just to do this pic.  Here she is with it on.  She looks pretty cute, so I might have to do another for her.
Well after that I became scarf obsessed, so I went to Hancock's and bought this fabric
I love the ivory lace and fuschia stripe.  So this time round I made an extra long infinity scarf so I could "tie" it different ways - here's how it turned out.
This is it wrapped around 3 times...

I call this the high and tight....

 and here it is just lose and casual
I'm ordering more fabric today - I definitely need a mustard one for my winter wardrobe!
Last but certainly not least - Rylie loved her new shirt and headband (discussed here) and here is a pic of her wearing them!  She's such a cutie! 
Next post is about my new obsession (other than scarves) - monogrammed anything!  Be sure to come back and check it out for some great Christmas gift ideas. 


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