Thursday, July 18, 2013


Haven't felt like blogging lately.  The last post was right after we found out that we were losing our sweet Tipsy and a week later we had to put her to sleep.  The cancer was so aggressive and we didn't want her to be in anymore pain.  It's the hardest decision I've ever made in my life, but I know it was the right thing to do; the humane thing to do. 

It's almost been a month and I still choke up at the thought of her and I still catch myself looking for her when I come home or when I wake up in the morning.  I'll spare everyone the details for your sake and mine.  But I will do a post about how we talked to Evelyn about it and prepared her.  By all accounts it went very well.  But oh goodness the things she has said to her friends about it......I'm surprised I haven't gotten phone calls from parents.

Anyway - as I've been saying I have been a painting and project machine lately.  Which is why I haven't gotten around to posting as much.  Again, my sincerest apologies.  I've decided that I'm doing a blog every Thursday until I get back in the swing of things.  Today you'll get a few snippets of different things I've been up to.  But it's not quite time for the big reveals yet. 

Not that many posts ago, but like forever ago I got a new toy cabinet for the den and did a post about it (here).  Like two days later I switched out the hardware and never gave yall an update.  So here it is!

 I'm still not married to the accessories on top.  But we moved the Every Little Thing painting over it and I think it's going to stay.  We tried a lot of different pieces and it works the best.  It's also in a better spot there than over the stairs so I can see my mantra throughout the day and practice my 5 deep breaths.  Did I mention E just got over a 2 week Terrible Threes extravaganza?! 
Ev went to Razorback Dance Camp at her dance studio this morning and was done at 10:30.  We had lunch with Daddy right after and ran errands and got home by 12:30 so we had all afternoon to do projects - right?  WRONG. 
We got an adorable little wickery - very sturdy table at my favorite antique mall that I originally was going to put in the dining room, but then moved out to the newly painted entryway.  Newly painted, by this gal.  Did I mention it's the second time I've painted it in a year and a half?  This time I like the color so it won't be changing. 
Anyway, E's dance studio is next to Hobby Lobby (which I hadn't been to in a month!) and I ran there to grab some new pulls to replace the boring little wood ones that came with the table.  I got a few options and tried them out on the first drawer.  I narrowed it to two selections so I wanted to put one in one drawer and one in the other........yea, the nightmare ensues from there. 
The screw on the right drawer was totally stripped.  So after thirty minutes of trying every screwdriver we owned (literally), and the rubber band trick (which btw - never works.  I've tried it three times now) I start to get a little heated.  So I start whacking this knob with a hammer trying to get it to just break off.  Then I'm all "Whoa lady, hold your horses.  You might damage the drawer front."  Then I was like "You're right conscience.  I should be more careful.  Let's think for a minute.........Booya - I've got a Dremmel and have never used it." 
So after another thirty minutes of reading directions and figuring out which head to put on the Dremmel, I get going.  Long story short - shards of wood are flying everywhere, as well as sparks as I'm trying to saw through this knob to rip if off.  So it smells like burnt wood and I'm freaking out because I'm worried I'm going to catch the house on fire.  Hindsight taught me I should be doing this project outside and not on my wood floor in the entryway.  I finally am able to break this thing off in pieces and manage to get it off.  It seriously took 2 hours.  And of course, Evelyn wanted to help and kept giving me hugs of encouragement.  We did manage a picture of excitement over busting out the Dremmel for the first time.
So here's the hardware I'm picking between.
Yes, the ones on the right are the same as the toy cabinet in the den.  I like both - I think I'd like the left better if the rings were shinier like the one on the right. 
So there's the new wall color - Lenox Tan by Benjamin Moore.  It's also going up in the bathroom on the left there which you can totally see half painted walls.  I love my little Foo Dog I got at TJ Maxx and the gold frame came from Target.  I'm pretty married to those but not the Tuscan vase underneath.  That's more for size reference for me to order something from Z Gallerie. 
What's that?  You love that wall art above the table?  Don't get me started.  I'm obsessed with it!  I stare at it for at least 10 minutes everyday and sigh with love.  I'd been eyeing that piece for awhile on One Kings Lane.  I finally pulled the trigger and couldn't be happier with it.  I first saw it at Horchow for $500 bucks and got it at OKL for $129.  Love, love, love it.  I only decided to buy after I painted the living room a certain color - which is being kept TOP SECRET until I'm ready to reveal it to you guys.  But I will say it's everyone's favorite room in my house.  I've been on the hunt for chairs and can't find anything I like yet.  After I get those I'll give ya a sneak peek. 
I'll finish this post off with some pics of the actual carnage from my dealings with the original door knob.  Remember to follow me on Pinterest to see updates of things I'm currently working on!
Note that over to the right is the knob from the left drawer - still intact.  All those other bajillion pieces are from the other knob.
RIP Sweet Tipsy Lou.  Thanks for the memories. You won't be forgotten.
This was right after Evelyn's first birthday party ended.  She was completely wiped out after having 40 some odd people at our house to show off our 1 year old.


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