Friday, April 12, 2013

Updating a Brand New Storage Cabinet

For those of you with kids, you know how their toys get out of control and take over your house.  Downstairs we turned E's old room into her playroom and keep the big toys there and then upstairs she has her room full of toys and in the bonus room we have an Ikea storage center with bins full of stuff.  In our den we had a little chest I got at Hobby Lobby when she was a baby that is about 2 feet wide by 1 foot high and deep.  That no longer contain hurricane Evelyn.  So Joe and I came to terms that we needed to invest in another piece of furniture for the den. 

Luckily, Northwest Arkansas got a Home Goods!  Imagine my excitement.  I knew that they would have something just perfect for the den.  I went opening day of course right when they opened.  I had to drive around for 5 minutes and had 2 parking spaces stolen from me as I was attempting to pull in.  But I finally snagged the last space on a row.  I'm getting out of my car and there is a BMW small sedan parked behind me.  What happened next unusual encounter to say the least.

The Latina woman with big black sunglasses and extremely long fingernails began to yell at me and say I stole her space.  So I said something like "I'm really sorry, it's a busy day and I had a few spaces 'stolen' from me as well (I didn't air quote stolen.  I'm using them now as a sarcastic reference).  And I tried to laugh it off.  No go.  She starts yelling and saying "I'm not talking about YOU.  I'm talking about ME!"  The woman goes into a tirade about how "Everyone is suppose to be so nice here!  Why aren't you nice?! Everyone keeps saying how nice it is here"  So I'm completely taken aback.  Then she points to me with her long index finger nail and says "You hit me. So I hit you."  I'm completely befuddled.  I'm thinking is she gonna ram my car with hers?  Because I didn't "hit" her.  Then I thought maybe there was a slight language barrier and she was saying "hate" instead of "hit".  So I of course just walked off and snapped a pic of her license plate as I walked toward the front doors in case she did decide to "hit" me. 

After I get in the store I try to laugh it off and think "Maybe she's just having a bad day."  But then the longer I shopped the more my mind ran wild and I found myself looking over my shoulder thinking her brother and his friends are going to come kidnap me.  Or perhaps I'd walk out to my car and someone would be on top of it slamming it with a baseball bat. Turns out none of those things happened - yet.  I have a semi noticeable car up here b/c there is not an Infiniti dealership.  Not to mention a Mavs tag on the front and a razorback on the back.  And it's blue.  Seriously - it's the only blue G35 I've seen up here.  Don't worry though - still have the license plate pic.

Back to the real reason I'm writing this post is the cabinet I bought at Home Goods that day.  There were 3 contenders to choose from.  I sent pics to Joe, didn't hear back, made my own choice, then he finally texts as I'm checking out and luckily his choice matched with mine.  Love that guy.  This is what we ended up with


Joe's one problem with it was that you could see into it.  But I assured him I would fix that problem right up!  I also wasn't crazy about the black pulls so I spray painted them gold the next day. 
I considered lining the doors with fabric and was totally going to do it, but then I was walking around at Hobby Lobby and found this 
These are lightweight laser cut aluminum sheets - and they have all kinds of patterns.  I grabbed one to take home to see if we liked it and it was definitely the winner.  So after another trip to the Lobby, a little teamwork, a pause to go to Home Depot to get more staples for the staple gun, and then some elbow grease - we had our finished product!
The blue you see on the top shelf are just fabric boxes I got from Target.  Probably gonna go get another set.  I kinda like the peek-a-boo blue. 
I'm not excited how the pulls turned out.  They looked good before we added the aluminum screens but the screens are so busy I feel like I need a more substantial knob or pull there to balance.  I'll keep you posted friends!


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