Thursday, April 25, 2013

Wall Art Anniversary Gift

If yall are anything like Baby Joe and I this is how our anniversary gift conversation goes:

Joe:  Are we doing gifts for our anniversary?

Beth:  No.  I don't want anything b/c I buy whatever I want.

Joe:  Okay.

That's what we say.   But here's what we do:  Act like we aren't getting each other anything - and usually Joe gets nothing.  But then he ALWAYS gets me something.  I think last year we actually did take a break and not do gifts and it was great; no stress.  But years 1 and about me feeling like a jackass.

Year 1:  We went to see Date Night at theater at Northpark in Dallas.  Walked to Macy's b/c Joe wanted a new cologne.  Then we went to Bob's for an amazing dinner.  I visit the restroom after ordering and get back to the table and there is a Tiffany's box waiting for me.  I open it - it's a beautiful sterling silver Paloma Picasso heart necklace.  Joe says "You like it?" and I say "Duh" - or something like that and then he says "Well, let me know if you like this too".  Boom!  Slams ANOTHER Tiffany's box on the table.  Matching bracelet.  Me - cologne.  Him - Tiffanys.

Year 2:  I get him nothing.  We again go to Bob's.  The Mavs lose - he's in a terrible mood.  Get home - Boom!  Humongous package with a brand new Coach purse that hadn't even hit the floor yet.  My normally mute husband somehow talked the girls into giving him something that wasn't suppose to be sold until Tuesday.  What color is the purse?  Tiffany Blue.  Me - nothing.  Him - Coach purse. 

So he is the most thoughtful husband ever and I suck.  I know I'll never beat him in giftgiving so I decide to go the sentimental route.

I lookup the traditional 4th anniversary gift - it's flowers.  Yea - not gonna work.  So next I google "anniversary gifts for men". Not kidding.  I did the link to a link to a link thing and finally ended up on Etsy (go figure) and got some ideas. 

Less than $20 spent and a trip to Hobby Lobby later.  I have a gift!


This was super simple folks.  I busted out some resume paper and googled the lyrics to our first dance song, "Lucky" by Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillet, and copy and pasted it into Word.  Then repeated the copy and paste.  Adjusted the margins and was done with that background.  The other frame has our wedding vows repeated for the background. 

Next I got out my handy dandy worth every penny Cameo and cut the letters and numbers out of red paper I had.  Glue sticked it on, put it in the frame, and Voila!  Gift complete.

Now I will mention I did not find a frame I liked in black.  I had it in my head I wanted a frame with at least double matting since the lyrics and vows background was busy.  Here's what the frames originally looked like. 

I had some black latex paint leftover from another project and painted them sloppily and then used a sanding block to shabby chic them. 

Joe's pretty easy to read and he liked them a lot.  We've got them hung up on either side of our bed.  I think the bedroom was a great place for them because it's something so sentimental and personal.  And we had no wall art hung up in there so that marks something else off my to-do list!

I've been gettin' on the wall art - another post about it coming soon! 

I highly recommend following me on Instagram if you like my crafts.  There should be a button on this page somewhere for that exact purpose.  I'm pretty good about posting pics of projects right when I finish on there - plus you get the added bonus of seeing pics of Evelyn!


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