Monday, November 5, 2012

Monogrammed Clutches

Hello Friends.  It's been a long day and it's got the good, the bad, and the ugly.  We've been transitioning Evelyn to her big girl room at her request.  Is it ready? No.  But the boss says she wants to sleep upstairs so we do what the boss says. 
At 4am this morning the boss had a bad dream about falling and requested Mommy to sleep in bed with her.  I did - it was nice and cuddly, and then I woke up at 7 and my neck was stuck in one position for like, all day.  The chiro was called - going to see him Thursday.
We get our day going and E goes to school.  I hit the Grease Pig to get my rear brake pads changed out.  THEY wrote my appointment in for Saturday instead of Monday.  So I waited for 30 mins and was like "we gotta reschedule.  I got sh** to do." So I'm going back next Monday.  I made sure to stay and watch them write it down on Monday this time. 
Then there was some good - had lunch with Kerry and Sarah and baby Grayson at the Green Bean - UM, fabulous? Why is just my first time to eat there?!
Then visited my fav shoe store, Warrens, and went to visit my future furniture at IO Metro.  Ended up buying the end table I'd been eyeing for the new couch because it takes 10-14 weeks to get it in.  Get this, they make it in the USA and then ship it to England to be painted.  Does this make ANY sense?
Then I shopped the mall in Rogers - bought nothing - and then went to Fresh Market.  Bought dinner.  And after all that shopping I did.  I came home SO empty handed.  *Sad Face
So I just visited my Etsy wish list to dream about actually buying things, and I have a great new item that I'm for sure getting.  I'm having a hard time narrowing down the color - but check it out.....

Um, yes please.  It's an oversized clutch - AND it comes with a gold chain to work it crossbody.  Hollar!  Let me tell you, these pics aren't available on the Etsy shop.  I saw these and immediately wrote the owner for additional pics.  You saw it here first folks.

The owner was totally sweet - they are based in Austin, TX and her dad went to U of A.  So it's like it's meant to be.  These would make great Christmas gifts too if I do say so.  At first I was leaning toward the kelly green, but I'm digging the white, red and mustard yellow now. Just need to narrow it down!

Oh - and I almost forgot to mention they are $40!  I think it's a great price point.  Better than dropping $350 on one at Coach (This doesn't mean I won't let my MIL or Mom drop that on me for Xmas though). Here is a link to the Etsy shop Drake's Corner.

Um, did I forget to share pics of E from Halloween?  Silly me.  I'll leave you with those to end the day.  Master Bath and Den updates tomorrow! 




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