Thursday, November 8, 2012

Master Bathroom Decor

This has been a long time coming:  It is time to create my oasis of relaxation. 

I have some confessions before we get started a) I'm a night showerer.  I can't get into bed dirty.  b) When I say showerer~I mean bather.  I take baths 4-5 days a week and only shower when I wash my hair.  It helps me relax right before bedtime. c) The inspiration for this design is totally stolen from one of my BFF's shower curtains. 

Now that we are past that......Remember I had a girls weekend in Houston back in July?  In Rita's guest bathroom was this shower curtain.  I instantly fell in love when I saw the design. 

I wanted a big bold floral print and Joe and I for awhile had wanted to paint the walls blue, and tried some samples but none worked.  Luckily this curtain had blue and more importantly had chocolate brown.  I give you Exhibit A - my master bathroom ceiling...

Never would have thought to do it - but it came that way and we really liked it.  All the wood work in the room was painted white and then a brown glaze was added over it.

I did chocolate brown bath mats throughout the room to reflect the ceiling color.

So we ended up with a half-started design in the bathroom.  After many many attempts at two different paint vendors I ended up finding Slow Green by Sherwin Williams.  By itself it just looks light blue - but when it's next to an actual light blue you can see the green in it and also the brown undertones. 

I spent 2 Sundays ago painting the separate toilet room and here it is finished:

Last Sunday I started working on the main part of the room and got probably 3/4ths done.  Over the bathtub and shower proves to be a problem because I can't get the ladder close to the walls.  Maybe I can figure something out by next Sunday.  What's with the Sundays you ask?  Joe is working pretty late at night and on Saturdays right now so Sunday is the only day I've got him to help with E.  Slowly but surely, right?!

And here's what you see when you enter the bathroom from the bedroom.  (Evelyn just loves touching that mirror with her grubby hands). 

I would love to do a stencil on the toilet room wall that you see when you enter the room.  I want to do the same on that wall in our closet where the mirror is going to hang.  Or maybe do something like this on the ceiling in there.
Image courtesy of Urban Source
But first thing is first - gotta paint the rest of the main part of the room. 
As for what we are doing with the shower curtains - which I got at Kohl's - originally something like this was the plan
Image courtesy of
But with the placement of the tub in the room, it just wasn't gonna work.  So instead we are thinking of doing something similar, in shape, but around the window that's above the tub. 
That's how that project is going.  I'm currently working on my first roman shade project ever.  Literally in between photos uploading I've been hot gluing.  Hoping to get it hung up tomorrow morning before Joe goes to work so I can share with you!


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