Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Wall Stencils

Howdy!  The master bathroom paint job was completed Sunday - yay for me!  Now on to the window treatment and the stencil for the toilet room.

I found a great site with TONS of different stencils.  I love so many of them, I don't know how I'm going to choose!  Hobby Lobby has some wall stencils, and I have some of them, but I need something larger scaled because of the height of the wall.

I also keep going back and forth about what color to do - should I do the color of the trim or the chocolate brown on the ceiling? I could also just do water based polyurethane to make it shiny, or maybe the same color with a little pearlessence to it.  I hate choices!

I want something not too girly since this is Joe's bathroom too - I'm trying to stay away from the Damasks in particular. 

As I looked and looked at the stencils I think the trick for them is to pick a color combo and shape that when it's complete - will look like wallpaper. 

Too masculine?

Rabat - very similar to Casablanca
Diamond Damask
Courtesy of Etsy shop royaldesignstencils
Courtesy of Etsy shop royaldesignstencils
French Bee Trellis
Courtesy of Etsy shop royaldesignstencils
Moorish Trellis
Courtesy of Etsy shop royaldesignstencils
Ugh.  Guess I should start narrowing it down.  But I wouldn't mind at all if you shared your opinion of what I should do!


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