Monday, November 12, 2012

Pinterest Be Damned!

Hello All!  Another wonderful week has started - not so great thus far.  Luckily I ran into my friend Whitney #2 at Wal-Mart this morning and she gave me a much needed embrace as well as helped me search for the elusive sun dried tomatoes I was searching for (we didn't find them - along with Romano cheese and Slow FE tablets).  Whitney #2 kinda turned my day around though and I've had some caffeine and now feel like gettin my business done!

I'm currently listing out my goals for the week and jamming to the new Killers album - Battle Born.  Have I ever mentioned they are my favorite band EVER?  They are.  If you don't want to invest in the entire album here is a rundown of songs to get

Battle Born
The Way It Was
Flesh and Bone
From Here On Out
Carry Me Home
Deadlines & Commitments
Heart of a Girl
A Matter of Time

I made the top 4 red because they are musts for everyone in the world.  Seriously.  Feel free to contact me if you need other song suggestions from other albums. 

So here is the real reason I'm writing.  Gotta vent a little to ya people. 

What the hell is up with people posting stuff on Pinterest and saying "This is the best cookie recipe ever."  They never are.  I've probably tried 75 recipes from Pinterest but actually only liked 10.  I'm not kidding!  Last night I made the 3 ingredient no sugar added best cookie ever OMG Amazing Nutella cookies.  So not that great.  Totally underwhelming.  Evelyn had one bite and handed it back to me.  I didn't blame her.

So people of the world, PLEASE STOP PINNING CRAP RECIPES AND SAYING THEY ARE AWESOME.  Ugh.  When I pin my own recipes from the recipe tab I don't say "These mint chocolate chip cookies make me want to run down the street nude they are so good."  I simply say "Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies".  And that brings me to another pinterest gripe......

People need to get better about their descriptions of things.  "These are awesome cookies" - not a good description because if I wake up and say "mmmmm mint chocolate chip ice cream sounds good, I wonder if pinterest has a good recipe of something comparable that isn't cold", the cookies wouldn't show up because the pinterest operating system isn't capable of "seeing" what the picture is and being able to put it in a search result.  I'm not saying I'm awesome at executing that~but I'm cognizant of it and try to do it more often now.  Yesterday I searched for "gray jeans" and got 5 results.  Then I went to women's fashion and in 5 minutes saw 20 pics with gray jeans. 

Due to my frustrations, I have lit'rally created a Pinterest board called "Recipes from Pinterest I've tried and liked".  I'm kinda thinking I should create a board called "This Pinterest Recipe sucks - don't make it" but something tells me Ben and the Pinterest team might not appreciate it.

In case you don't Pin here are links to my top 5 Pinterest recipes I've found thus far:

1.  Weight Watchers Crusted Honey Mustard Chicken  - I've tried this with a few different honey mustards and Chick Fil A's is the best.  Don't use Hellman's.

2.  Weight Watchers Bubble Up Enchiladas - You can make this as low fat or high fat as you want.  Our fam does something in between.  I also add in a 30% reduced sodium Taco Seasoning to give it a little more bite.

3.  Angel Chicken - I make this about every 2 weeks now.  I tweak my recipe with NO butter, a cup of wine and the entire container of cream cheese and chives.

4.  Oreo Layer Dessert - Again, you can make this as low fat or high fat as you like.

5.  Baked Southwestern Eggrolls - Yes, this is my recipe.  But it started from a pin on pinterest that wasn't that great.  You'll like my version better.  Promise. 

In other amazing news, at some point today this blog had it's 10,000th hit.  Thanks everybody!  The monogram clutch and ribbon turkey shirt are the posts most visited this week and last. 

Evelyn's 3rd birthday is Friday!!!! I can't stand it, but I'm also super excited!  Friday night we are doing the family birthday celebration and then Saturday morning she's having her friends over for a Fresh Beat Band themed birthday party.  I'm getting anxious about it.  I did a ton of work for it 3 weeks and didn't leave myself notes of what's left to be done.  EEK!  Trying to figure that out now.  I'm glad Joe asked what kind of cake I was getting b/c I totally forgot to order one.  HA!  Wouldn't that have been fabulous?!

Alright friends, I'm out to knock some stuff off my list.  Check ya later!


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