Wednesday, November 28, 2012

High Heels Storage Option

I missed you too.

Between E's birthday/birthday party and then hosting 14.5 people for Thanksgiving - I've been busy.  You know who isn't so busy?  Baby Joe!  He filed the 10 K on the Monday before Thanksgiving and he took the rest of the week off from work~we were super lazy and played and cuddled a lot as a family.  We all really missed him (dogs included).  Now he's back to "normal" working hours and that's great because he picks E up on school days and makes it home in time for dinner!

I've got so many posts I want to do that I don't know where to start.  Today I'm just going to do a little DIY project I did to glam up my closet.  I know, it's a closet.  But I spend a lot of time in there and I want it lookin good - and organized!

At our Dallas house we had this great shelf in the closet that wrapped around the top and I put my multiple pairs of high heels on display up there.  I mean, they are sooooo pretty that should be hidden or thrown in a drawer!  We do have shelves in the closet at the new house, but I had too many shoes and couldn't put them all out (is that really a problem?). 

Now, I use to be OBSESSED with shoes.  It was "my thing".  My one little vice that I gave into, and gave into it I did.  Now that I'm retired I don't wear heels 5 days a week to work.  In fact, I probably wear heels once a quarter (that's no lie).  So I took the plunge and got rid of a bunch of the shoes I never wear - or ones that just weren't practical or needed anymore.  After narrowing the field down, I still had a ton. 

I don't remember where I got this idea.  It was probably a magazine or pinterest or actually in the Ikea store.....but I simply purchased a rod, mounted it, and hung my heels from it to give me more use of shelf space - and it looks fancy too ;) !

I got the rod at Ikea - you can find it here.

Does anyone recognize the boxes on the top shelf on the left?  Note I'm turning my hangers around for the second time this year trying to get rid of more clothes. 


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