Tuesday, October 23, 2012

OSU Applique Shirt

Today's post is about one of my favorite people in the whole wide world.  Her smile is infectious as is her laughter and she always brightens my day when I get to see her.  I'm so sad she lives back in Dallas and our interactions are few and far between.  And she's 2.

Everyone, meet Rylie:


J'adore.  She is one of E's original besties and we always have a good time when our family's get together (which I wish could be more often!)

So last week was War Eagle Craft Fair up here - it's kinda a big deal.  I usually stay away because traffic gets crazy, but decided on Thursday to hit up one of my favorite stores because for the first time they opted out of the actual fair and just had their sales in store.  So up I drove to Vintage Glam & Junque in Rogers in hopes of finding some gifts for the 2 birthday parties that E is going to over the weekend.

I walk in the door and I see the headbands and it hits me - I'll get those girls headbands!  And they had them on special :).  Here is a pic of Ev with her new one on.  She has a Razorbacks one too.

So I'm digging through the basket and I find an OSU one!  It was so cute and I just had to get it for Rylie - both parents are OSU alums and make frequent trips to the football games in the fall.  I just love the fabric they used.

So I get home and I thought - I can't just send Rylie Bug a headband....I should make a shirt to match.  So I grabbed some orange gingham plaid and made this!

Now she can show her support at the games, or out on the town! 

I've decided - or come to the realization that sewing is "my thing".  I really get a lot of enjoyment out of it and I get to use a bit of accounting because it really uses a lot of math and figuring out things like a puzzle.  I rarely use a pattern and I think that's part of the fun; figuring out how to do it!
Tomorrow I'll discuss my experience of my first deco mesh wreath.  And in case you were wondering about my loyalties - it's a Razorback one!



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