Wednesday, October 3, 2012

New School Spirit Pumpkin - Texas A&M

I love me some ceramic school spirit pumpkins - and apparently so do all of you!  I literally bought every single pumpkin at 3 different Hobby Lobby's and have sold them all. Here is the arrangement I did on our countertop to support our Hogs this football season.  It didn't help the cause as I'd hoped.
Ceramic white pumpkins are from Hobby Lobby.  Pig statue is from Signed, Sealed, Delivered in Rogers and "Go Hog Wild" letter A is from Vintage Glam & Junque in Rogers.
Per usual, I did the Arkansas and OSU pumpkins, but got a special request to see if I could do a Texas A&M one and I gladly accepted the challenge.  I have truly never met anyone from A&M that I didn't like so I was happy to give it a try.  Do I feel bad now that we received a romping from them last weekend?  No! That's totally not my fault.  I'm not that superstitous. 
Finding the perfect color paint pen to use was a challenge.  I almost tried out oil based paint by hand and then I saw a Krylon Red Leaf Paint Pen - you know I LOVE my gold leaf paint pens.  Turned out - it was the perfect maroon A&M color!  Take a look. 

For the life of me, I could not find a ribbon that looked good with it.  After discussion with the buyer, we decided to leave it off.  I'm so nervous about her getting it because I shipped two pumpkins last week and they arrived to the buyer like this:

I almost cried.  They were so beautiful and reduced to shards.  The box was totally undamaged and I haven't had a problem with any of the other ones I shipped.  Heart breaking.  I also had a problem with finding another white pumpkin to make a replacement, but luckily my Mom found one in Fort Smith and brought it up yesterday.  So between repainting those two pumpkins and making curtains I'm staying busy and getting a good night's sleep lately.

Here is a fun pic of Mom and I working on the curtains yesterday.  Whenever I lay fabric out the dogs immediately come from wherever they were in the house and want to walk all over it and lay on it.  Luckily we got E to nap yesterday, so she was a non-factor during the laying out 11 yards of fabric and cutting into 4 equal panels. 


Back to work! I'll be lucky to get 2 panels done by the end of day at this rate.  To break the monotany I'm working on a petal pillow for E's new room as well.  Sewing extravaganza week!


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