Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Diptych Whale Art

Well, I just concluded another wonderful girls weekend with my college friends:  Rita, Whitney and Lauren....I've spoken of them before.

If you are one of my frequent followers you know that Rita is pregnant. I've been having such a great time helping her with Dylan's - that's the baby's name - room!  I pretty much send about 100 emails or texts a week with different bedding, fabric, and accessories, and she writes me back with likes and dislikes and sends pics of how she's coming along. 

Rita picked out some adorable Pottery Barn bedding by the name of Jackson.  Here it is:

After she picked this I referred to my handy dandy Baby Rooms Pinterest board and already had some great matches for the bedding:

One of my favorites - I love this dresser. Rita had already purchased Munire furniture for the room so we couldn't do this project. This dresser single handedly makes me want to have a baby's or kid's room with something ocean related so I can do this to an Ikea raw wood dresser.
Source: Etsy store - spellitwithstyle
Rita and her Mom totally did this already!  I was so proud of them - it looks great!  Here are some pics:

And last but not least.  The diptych whale canvases. 
 Source:  Etsy shop - SennandSons

My friend KJ has already done a version of this herself.  And it sure didn't cost the $40 being charged on Etsy for it.  Therefore I will henceforth call these entries - Etsy Can Eat It.

Lauren, Whitney and I wanted to do something handmade for Dylan's room so he'd always know how special he is to us.  And we totally all got tunnelvision when it came to this art project.  Oh - and Rita liked it too. 

Poor Rita, flew into the Tulsa airport and I picked her up on Friday.  That evening she started having an upset tummy and was that way until late Saturday.  Not cool when it's girls weekend.  Of course I managed to get a sinus infection to add to the fun too.  Rita gave us the go ahead for the canvases so us remaining - semi functioning girls (did I mention Lauren had sinus problems too?) headed to Hobby Lobby for supplies for our project.  It cost us $10.  $10! Instead of $40.  I do love a good bargain.

We started painting in the afternoon and Whitney did the sketch of the whale, spout and waves as she is the best artist.  Lauren we found out is the best detail painter - I'm the best all over painter - and Rita is a fabulous supervisor, even when laying down on the couch drinking Pepto Bismol. 

We took a break to let the first coats dry and headed to the Razorback game.  Did you hear about it?  Rain delays and calling the game because of weather?  Oh yea - we were there.  Luckily in a suite so we didn't have to brave the elements.  We left at halftime and ran to the car and made it home before the second huge storm rolled through.
After the Hogs game we finished up the canvases with some Buttershots spiked Hot Chocolate - Rita excluded of course. 

Here is our finished product!  I can't wait to see it hung up in Dylan's room!!!  I love my girls and I love our quick teamwork. 

We signed it "bl(heart)w".  BL&W being the artists initials.  It totally looks like "blow" so we expanded on our signature and said this way we'll always be blowing Dylan kisses~even when we aren't there.  His Aunties already love him! 


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