Monday, October 22, 2012

Fancy Smansy Nursing Cover

Monday's are always such a wasted day.  I do laundry and get the house back in order from the weekend (since E's at school), and run errands and next thing I know - it's time to pick up Ev from school!  Crazy.

I spent today also listing a bunch of stuff on Ebay to sell.  We had some sort of wild animal get in our garage last week (maybe a raccoon or possum) it ate through the wiring for the sensor on my side of the garage and used the bathroom on both sides A LOT.  We decided this was a great excuse to clean out and go through all the boxes of stuff in our garage. 

Emptying the garage and cleaning only took an hour - and No, we didn't find an animal.  Then going through the boxes and documenting our charitable donations and throwing away and putting away and deciding what to sell took about another 8 hours!  It was crazy, but the garage looks great!

So I listed some stuff on Ebay but also had an amazing 2 hours (tops) project I just jumped right into.  I had a person contact me through Etsy to see if I could make a nursing cover for her friend with my flannel monkey fabric.  So I got out my Hooter Hider from when I was pregnant and decided yep - looks pretty easy.  It's essentially a blanket with some straps with attached D rings.  So poor Rita agreed to be my test run - and ya know what?  It turned out great!  I love the fabric I used so much that I want one now!

I did a regular cotton fabric on one side and used minky on the other side.  It always bothered me the hooter hider didn't have anything soft on the inside since that was the part that touched the baby.  I made it 35" wide by 25" tall and here it is!

Tomorrow I'm posting about another sewing project I did this weekend for a friend's little girl - OSU fans will want to check in for sure!


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