Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Vegetable Painting - My Newest Flea Market Find

I've been pretty busy since returning stateside.  The jet lag was truly atrocious the first two weeks - not to mention Joe had to fly out the Tuesday after we returned to Chicago for the week.  So "no-nap" Evelyn and "desperately needs a nap" Mommy were left alone to fend for themselves.  The thirteen hour time difference took a toll on me.  That and I don't sleep on planes so I was always trying to catch up on sleep.
The Etsy store has been doing some business too since I've come home so I had to play catch up on getting orders out the door.  Last week I managed to find some time in the middle of an errand running day to hit up a Antique Mall I've been eyeing for the past year near downtown Fayetteville called The Flying Dog. 
The first thing I saw I bought.  It was a framed painting that was right by the front door.  It didn't have a price tag on it so I was a little nervous because a lot of the other pieces in that area were marked $80.  I ended up asking a guy that worked there after I circulated the entire store what the price was.  He said he'd ask - Oh good! That means I picked a piece owned by another employee and I can negotiate on site - that's always better than over the phone.
So he asks the lady behind the counter how much and she says "$60" and I'm like "Whew! That's cheaper than $80....I bet I can negotiate it down to $35." So the guy walks over to me and says "Yeah - only $16!!!!!"  $16??!! Not, $60?  I had to maintain my composure as best I could and did a mock "Mmm I'll think about it" face and then I said "Oh, ok. I'll take it."  I was ELATED!
The painting by itself is so-so.  The frame makes it grand!  And I knew that purple and orange would pop on my olive green walls and next to the raspberry curtains in the kitchen.  Here it is... 

Like I said, by itself it's nothing to write home about.  I even was thinking in the store that I'd paint over the black band on the frame but once I hung it I changed my mind.  Here it is in the room...

When I told Joe how much it cost (Joe is a closet Flea Market Fanatic), he almost spit his dinner out.  He said "Good Lord! The frame probably costs $60 by itself!"  Oh, at least.  I hadn't antiqued in awhile and was soooo happy to find some wall art for that space. 
Oh - and did you see the curtains?!  I banged those out right before I left for the Philippines.  My Mom is on her way up right now to help me try to finish the other 6 panels today.  The den has become the first priority for now.  Joe and I ordered a new couch and rug that will be here around Thanksgiving for the room.  I'm so excited!  I'm ready for the room we spend the most time in to be completely updated!  YAY!


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