Friday, October 21, 2011

Obsession of the Day: Greek Key Patterns

Greece.  The country that brought us western civilization, philosophy, the Olympics, and moussaka.  All of these are gifts that keep on giving, but there is one more - greek key patterns.  It would be redundant to say I love it, BUT I love it in moderation.  A whole room of greek key pattern would make one dizzy.  So now I will introduce you to a phrase my love, Joe, and I use....."Just a touch".  "Honey, would you like more wine?"  "Sure, but just a touch".  "Readers, do you want greek key pattern in your house?"  Correct response:  "Just a touch".  Excellent.

It's so versatile, it can be used on anything (as you will see in the pics below).  I think the new living room will include some greek key canvas art on the wall somewhere. So as promised in this post, here is some insight into my greek key obsession.  Don't miss the DIY project at the end.

Thornton Designs via Decor Pad

Photo from Modernhaus

I love this wallpaper.  It's so subtle, but allows the room to be Wow!
without having to add color to do so.
Tineke triggs contemporary bedroom

Seeing this makes me want to have another baby

Tangerine! I'm loving the shape of the headboard, but check out the nightstands - I want them!  You can buy this one - click on the link.
Jill Sorensen via Live.Like.You

Westchester Residence at Kwinter Designs

VT Interiors via Dream. Design. Live

Ancient? Yes.  Out of style?  No! 

Here is a little DIY project.  I saw this in the May 2010 edition of Southern Living magazine.  They took a $15 mirror and turned it into this!  It's just lovely - and easy to do.  Instructions are here

Photo from Southern Living


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