Thursday, October 20, 2011

Carvable Pumpkins - Another One of Life's Great Inventions

Let's all take a minute to reflect upon what a novel idea a carvable pumpkin is.  This invention allows us to carve a pumpkin, without the mess, and keep it over the years.  This is SOOO rewarding since we spend a lot of time cleaning out and carving a pumpkin, and usually it just rots and you have to throw it away and you are left with nothing but the memory of its beauty; or a picture.

In case you haven't seen these marvels, I have seen them at both Hobby Lobby and Michael's.  Last year Michael's sold out before I could complete my list of to-dos with them.  I will say that the Michael's I purchased them at (shameless plug for the one on Greenville Ave. near Lovers in Dallas), did a great job of displaying lots of possibilities of what you can do with them.  They usually come in white, orange, black, or glittery, but the best part - you can paint them if you want a different color!  I've seen them painted green and made into Frankenstein, the black ones made into bats or spiders, just use your imagination and the possibilities are endless!

Here is a pumpkin I did for display on the countertop. 

I stole this idea from a magazine which I would totally site except I can't remember which one I saw it in.  I think it's Better Homes and Gardens from October 2010 because I flipped my Woman's Day from last October and it wasn't in there (Yes, I keep all my magazines). I saw it in that mag and that day went to Michael's and bought this pumpkin to replicate.  I do rebuy the mini-pumpkins each year though.  I wouldn't imagine they would keep so well in my storage bins.

This, though, is by far one of my favorite creations ever!

A pumpkin spider!  It's ironic because I'm deathly afraid of spiders; making him was cathartic in a way.  I bought a black pumpkin, carved his cute little face and then used chenille pipe cleaners for the legs.  Super easy and I get tons of compliments since he always hangs on our front stoop.

Halloween is by far my favorite holiday.  I love dressing up and love candy!  With the move I haven't been able to bust out my full array of decorum as usual, but next year we'll go full out!  Send me ideas!!


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