Sunday, October 2, 2011

DIY: Oklahoma State School Spirit Pumpkins

Yes, I am a creative person.  But, I'm even better at stealing others ideas and improving upon them (at least I'm honest).  I was shopping at Vintage Glam in Rogers, AR, which has great stuff, and just as I was done checking out a large box of white ceramic pumpkins with bows around the stems were brought in.  On the pumpkins were a large Razorback sticker right in the middle of them and they said "Woo Pig".  Because of the shape of the pumpkins, the sticker was bubbling up in places and wasn't flush.  So I thought to myself "I can do that and do it better." 
So I did.  I went to Hobby Lobby the next day and low and behold, there were the ceramic pumpkins and they were 40% off!  Check.  Went back to the scrapbook section and got some fun black letter stickers.  Check.  Picked up a set of paint pens.  Check.  Went to the Christmas section and got some wire edged ribbon.  Check.  Went home and made a ton of pumpkins, then decided I would make them double sided and they turned out great!  Went back the next day to get more pumpkins and all they had left were orange pumpkins, and I happen to know a lot of Oklahoma State alums, so I bought those and made the following for them.  I delivered some of them to my friends in Dallas this weekend and they love them and I'm so excited!!!

I used the stickers to do the "Ride 'Em Cowboys" side and paint penned the rest of the the pumpkin (including the orange polka dots).  For the OSU logo, I used the same method as I did for the monogrammed plates from a few days ago.  Here are some pics of the in progress pumpkins:

I found the white pumpkins easier to work with.  The orange ones had a polyurethane coat or something that made it really hard to get the paint pen to stick too.  So the orange ones took twice as long to do.  I'll get some pics of the Razorback ones I did (including one with the entire fight song), and get those posted soon!

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