Monday, October 3, 2011

DIY: Arkansas Razorback School Spirit Pumpkins

As a continuation of the Oklahoma State pumpkins, here are some of the Razorback ones I did.  I gave one already to my MIL that said "Go Hogs Go!" on it with polka dots and a different ribbon that was red and black zebra-ish.  I'll add that ribbon to my in-progress BIG pumpkin you'll see pics of bellow. 
Again, I did it all with stickers and paint pens!  The possibilities are endless on what you could do to these cute pumpkins.  You could do one for each member of the family!

Side 1 of the smaller pumpkin

Side 2 of the smaller pumpkin

 Side 1 (finished) of the BIG pumpkin.  Yes, it's the entire fight song, and it took me almost an entire football game to do it.

 The unfinished side of the BIG pumpkin.  I'm going to add more detail to the Razorback!


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