Thursday, September 29, 2011

DIY: How to Monogram a Plate

Well, I tried out my experiment and my conclusion of how it turned out is mixed......Here's what I tried, I started by creating my own "E" initial stencil.  I just went into Microsoft Word and found a font I liked, made the letter the size I wanted and just printed it onto regular paper.  Then I took an exacto knife and cut out the letter from the paper, sprayed it with aerosol adhesive, and stuck the paper to the plate.  I then took a simple gold metallic paint pen and filled in stencil.  When I took off the paper stencil, there was a little bit of bleeding so I took a Qtip and put some nail polish remover on it to clean up around the edges and Voila!  A monogrammed plate was born!  Here are some pics I took during the project:
Choosing the E in Microsoft Word

Cutting the E out into a more workable size of paper.  Then you use the exacto knife to cut out the black font area. 

Here is the aerosol adhesive I used.  I just picked it up at Hobby Lobby.

The finished product.  Already hanging up in my dining room.

In conclusion, Yes, this quick and dirty how to monogram a plate method worked.  I do think I'm going to redo it next week (I'm headed out of town tomorrow until Sunday night) with gold paint instead of the paint pen.  That's because the paint pen didn't give the initial the glossy look I had hoped for.  The E looks rather dull when you compare it to the rest of the gold on the plate.  I haven't decided yet if I want to polyurethane spray over it or not.  I'll do an update and let you know.  Just remember that if you mess up, just use the polish remover to get the paint off.  Test an area on the back of the plate first with the remover to make sure it doesn't hurt the plate's finish in anyway first.  If you try this please let me know how it turned out and send pics!


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