Thursday, September 29, 2011

Obsession of the Day: Monogrammed Plates

Last November I attended the annual Chi Omega Christmas Market in Dallas.  My good friend Amy Timmerman was the co-chair (and is this year too) and had been begging me to come for years, so I did strictly to show support.  What a treasure trove I found!  I ended up going back for another visit a few days later and bought tons of Christmas presents as well as a lot of great things for our house, Evie, and myself. 
There were two vendors that really stuck out in my mind and I've discussed with some of the other attendees (good friends Stacye and Mica) and they were in the monogrammed plate business. 
The first vendor is La Plates and does melamine plates that are contemporary and modern and did I mention super cute?  These are great for place settings or if you want to showcase in a bookcase, on a counter, or on a wall! They also make platters, cutting boards, bags, glasses, etc...and you personalize it how you want it! Take a look.

B is for Beth!

I love a good geometric pattern

I'm obsessing over Greek key patterns lately.
  Expect to see an Obsession of the Day about it soon. 

This one makes such a bold statement

I think I see a cutting board in my future

La Plates also has tons more than just plates so check them out!

The second vendor has inspired me to do a Kwik Kraft of my own later today (more to come on that). Kelly Wilson Antiques does amazing work.  She takes antique plates and platters, mostly from England, and decoupages an initial on them.  They are beautiful in person and stunning on a wall.  You can buy prefinished pieces, pick a plate to have your initial added to out of her inventory, or you can provide her with a plate of your own for her to initial.  For those of you in Dallas, she sets up shop at the Forestwood Antique Mall which is at Forest and Dallas North Tollway.  Check out some of her A-mazing creations below.

I really think that Kelly Wilson Antiques has a little something for everybody whether your style is contemporary or classic.  The best designers also mix the two!
Hope you all enjoyed this post.  I have to run some errands because my parents are coming in a few hours and need to stock up on food.  But when I get back I'm going to do a little trial and error experimentation on making my own mongrammed plate.  I'll let you know how it turns out!


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