Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Rug Hysteria

I bought another rug today!  I couldn't help myself.  I desperately needed something for the entryway and I had been eyeing this particular rug for awhile.  This time I was playing around on Rugs and the free shipping was calling my name saying "Please try me out.  If you don't like me, you can always return me."  So in a near out-of-body experience I went ahead and bought this:

I'm really hoping the colors of the rug match both the bench and curtain fabric you saw in the posts here and here.  I think it will blend quite nicely. 

I'm currently using a rug I used in front of the kitchen sink at the Dallas house in front of the front door.  Since we've been here about 8 months and I've admired this particular rug for 6 of those months, I figured it was time to at least see if it will work in that spot instead of one that doesn't match.

In other wonderful news - the black and white chevron rug came today and it's awesome!  It it exactly what I hoped for as far as looks, and even better than I imagined as far as texture beneath my toes.  Here is a sneak peek:

I don't have it placed exactly where I want it because I can't lift the couch up by myself, but it is doing exactly what I thought it would - jazz up that space!  It was so blah before but now it's looking a tad bit fabulous.  I can't wait to finish up the coffee table (which is navy blue) and bring get it up here!  Now that the weather has turned nice and stayed nice I should really get on it! You know, after the 10 other projects I have going concurrently.

I compiled a list of my top 4 places to rug shop after much internet scouring the past week.  The best part is the shipping is either free or very reasonable.  Like, under $3 reasonable.  I hope you can find something you like too!

2.  Rugs USA
3.  All Modern
4.  Rugs-Direct


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