Friday, March 23, 2012

Trinket Dishes and TGIF!

I'm glad it's Friday for many reasons. 

First and foremost, it looks like the rain is no more!  We've gotten drizzle all day today until now and I think I see blue skies and sun on the horizon.  Our backyard looks like a mud pit though and I'll be mopping floors all weekend.  Boo.

Fridays are always fun.  My People magazine just came in the mail, Joe leaves work early and then we have all weekend together.  Poor E is cutting her molars and being a little bit fussier than normal.  We have one through and 3 more to go; after that we get a 5 year break from teething - Yay!!

I also get to announce that Lauren M. is the winner of the earrings giveaway!  Yay Lauren.  The outfit she suggested is a coral top with gray shorts and gray Toms platforms.  To pick the winner I rebuilt the outfits suggested with stuff from my own closet.  I would never have picked the gray for myself and thought it wouldn't look good with the coral, but Wow was I wrong.  I have myself a new outfit for summer now.  We'll have to have Lauren take a pic with them on for all to see. 

I'm looking forward to tomorrow because I have 2 friends doing the Gusano's Pizza Challenge.  They have an hour, as a team, to eat a ginormous pizza.  I cannot wait to cheer them on and see how they do. 

Blue Bloods is on tonight.  We love us some Blue Bloods.  I love that Magnum PI is in it (hottie), and I love the fact the guy who plays his "pops" is only 6 years older than Magnum in real life.  Hilarious. 

Talking about TV shows, I "came out" to Joe that I'm a closeted SMASH watcher.  It's truly captured my attention and I look forward to Monday nights every week.  I've found that when I admit I watch it to people, they admit they watch it too - and everybody loves it.  You should seriously give it a chance.  I was their number one trash talker seeing the previews leading up to the premiere, but it was so hyped up I just had to watch.  Secretly obsessed.  I'm not sure why I didn't want to tell Joe.  I told him I watched the first episode and he would hate it (he probably wouldn't), and OOPS! that darned DVR just kept recording them and I kept watching them.

The Southland season finale was this week.  It's seriously the best show on television.  There was an episode last season (if you watch, you know the one) that had me balling and I'm pretty sure Joe was crying too.  SO GOOOOOODDDD!!!

Dancing With The Stars premiered this week too - love!  It was the best season premiere ever.  The competition has never been this close.  It's gonna be a great season.

As this week comes to a close I thought I would share some items I'm obsessing over on Etsy.  I'm going to post them to Pinterest too:

I got a trinket dish for my kitchen sink this week.  A cute little brass hog since I'm a Razorback.  I hate taking my rings off when I'm cooking and just leaving them on the counter, so I played around and found some cute brass animal trinket dishes on Etsy.

How cute is my little piggy? He looks even better in person.
Photo courtesy of Etsy shop upscaleyardsale

This little seahorse might get purchased for my master bathroom.
Photo courtesy of Etsy shop saltandginger

Photo courtesy of Etsy shop blythhousevintage

Only $6 for both of these!
Photo courtesy of Etsy shop nenafayesattic

Owls are very in right now
Photo courtesy of Etsy shop cubecone

Hmmmm.  Maybe I shouldn't be showing you guys the other dishes I didn't get.  You might buy them before I make my mind up! (I learned the hard way with the brooch posts).

The blog has had a big week - we had a couples of posts really blow up on Pinterest and had lots of new visitors.  I'm looking forward to see what next week brings.  Have a great weekend!


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