Monday, March 5, 2012

My New Black and White Chevron Rug!

I am over the moon excited!  I indirectly came upon the website last week. Within 5 minutes I had ordered a rug and then sent it to Joe with the "Do you think this will look ok...." email asking permission. 

Here is the rug:

Image courtesy of  nuLOOM Kinder Chevron Ivory rug

It's a 5x8 and I got it for $75.  What the what? you say?  I know - I did the same.  Brace yourself for this though - - - shipping was free!  I read the purchase summary like 10 times before I actually believed it. 

You know how much I love chevron if you know me.  You might have noticed the blog background and header and read this post here about the obsession.  A little goes a long way.  But this room needs a punch of fun since it's suppose to be the room my family congregates in for movies, games, and Wii time. 
All Modern is really great.  While you can run into some items that are kinda pricey, they also had really great stuff that is within my price range.   

This rug is going to go in our bonus room upstairs.  The room is carpeted, so this is my first venture into the rug-on-a-carpet look.  But with the coffee table I'm refinishing for the room, which is on casters, I was worried it would tear up the carpet.  So I chose this rug to sacrifice for the greater good of home resale value.

I bought the rug last Tuesday so I'm hoping it comes in by the end of this week.  I'll be sure to post pics!


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