Wednesday, February 22, 2012

High Waisted Jeans are a Mom's Best Friend.....Until the Zipper Rips Out of Them

Today, I knowledge share....

In this post here I told you how I was on the search for some new jeans.  This was a result of the crotch of my last fitting pair of jeans ripping out (after 2 years of use).  I got that pair at Banana and then posted how to hem them and I'm currently typing this post with them on.  I love them; super comfy and stretchy

I scoured the Banana Republic website hoping to find more jeans just like them - but to no avail.  So back I went to the Gap.  (Is it Gap or The Gap?  The sign says Gap, but I feel like they've always been referred to as The Gap.  Did the branding change?)  Anyway, at the Gap I bought a pair of Long and Leans and a pair of the Curvy Skinny fit.  I heart Gap because they offer Tall, Regular, and Ankle length inseams.  GBG.  God Bless Gap.  While I use to be a regular length kind of girl because I was always wearing heels; now I'm a mom that is usually in flats or Crocs (GBC) and hate when the bottoms of jeans get torn up from stepping on them. 

The Curvy Skinny was just what I needed to wear with boots and I might go get a pair of the bootcut Curvy as well. 

I was super happy with the Long and Leans which have a trouser look to them and the first time I put them on I had a hard time taking them off for 2 days.  I washed them (inside out, with vinegar) and then hung them to dry.  Put them on the second time and zipped up and heard a rip.  I check the crotch - nope, still intact.  So I shrug my shoulders and went on with my day. 

Fast forward a few hours later I'm an hour south visiting my parents for the Dad 70th birthday and I hit the potty.  I stand up after business time, and go to zip and my hand ends up in my panties.  This is because the zipper had completely ripped out of the seam.  Anger and Sadness follow, and then Acceptance.

Fast forward a few days later (yesterday).  So I go into Gap with my jeans and talk to the manager (I'm assuming he was the floor manager at the time).  This is how it went:

Manager:  Welcome to the Gap. Can I help you today?

Sidenote:  If a movie was made about my life, the Manager would be played by Lloyd from Entourage, but skinnier, bitchier and a tad younger.  That should help you get a better picture of what I was dealing with.

Me:  Yes, I bought a pair of Long and Leans a few weeks ago and the second time I wore them the zipper ripped out.  If you look at the seam it looks like part of the zipper was never sewn in correctly.

Manager:  Well, did you wash them?

Me:  Yes. Once.  I washed them inside out and then hung them to dry exactly how the instructions say.

Manager:  Well, our policy is to not let you return anything after you wash it. *He said this head shake while the head was cocked to the side and he made a sad face after. 

Me:  Well, I'm pretty sure me washing the jeans had nothing to do with the zipper coming out of it....

Manager then eyerolls toward the other employee.  Which made me almost pull my "I need to speak to the Manager or someone higher ranked than you" default statement when I get annoyed. 

Manager:  I'm sorry.  That's our policy and there's nothing we can do.

My face turns red and fire comes out of my pupils.  Then I speak.

Me:  No, I'm the one that's sorry for paying $65 for a brand of jeans that I thought was a brand associated with quality.  I could have just lied to you and said I hadn't washed them, but that's not how I roll.  Now, I'm pretty sure that Customer Service would agree that this is a MANUFACTURING DEFECT -

The words "Manufacturing De" were barely out of my mouth before he snapped to attention and started walking toward the register.

Manager: So do you want a full refund?

Me:  Um, no. I want another pair of jeans exactly like these.

He went and got them and pulled up the receipt they had emailed me when I purchased the jeans.  Isn't that crazy they email receipts now?  Pretty handy for peeps like me that toss them when they get them usually. 

Anyway, I walked out of the store with calls of "Have a nice day!" and "Come back and see us" and a new pair of size 8 ankle length jeans in hand.

Manufacturing Defect is a term I actually learned at Banana Republic about 4 years ago when I had just bought a new top and Joe noticed that I had holes in both the armpits the second time I wore it.  I took the top back to Banana and some college age associate told me I couldn't return it without a receipt because - and I quote - "How do we know you bought it here?"  Well, genius, the tag in shirt says Banana Republic so that's a clue I actually DID buy it here.  I avoided that convo though and just asked for the manager who was as surprised as I was. 

She explained that this was a Manufacturing Defect and she would fully refund me or let me exchange it.  I exchanged it for a different shirt - but since I didn't have a receipt, listen to what they did.  They took my credit card (the one I bought the original shirt with) and scanned it and they were able to find my purchase history in their system with it!  Um, privacy protection please America?

Anyway, if something like this ever happens to you with a newly purchased item.  Take it back and say MANUFACTURING DEFECT and if they are all "you need a receipt to blah blah blah" be all like "can't you just run my credit card like they do at Banana and find the purchase history?"  BAM! Take that Retail Companies!!!

Sidenote:  I also bought a pair of Modern Fit bootcut jeans at Ann Taylor Loft and love them too.  I'm really into these higher waisted stretchy fabric jeans, and I love the price too!  Gone are the days of my 7's, Joe's, James', and Citizen's. 

Long gone are the days are making the signs of the cross with my fingers at high waisted jeans.  Us mommies know you need the extra help to keep the flab tucked in.  I remember 10 years ago jean shopping and actually thinking and saying "These are low waisted enough."  What was I thinking?!!!


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