Thursday, February 16, 2012

Recycling Windows

Each time I'm antiquing I always see salvaged windows for so cheap!  I always look at them and see a $5, $7, or $10 price tag and I SO want to buy them, but I hadn't come up with a perfect use for it yet.  That was until Saturday when Beth at Unskinny Boppy posted this blog about her antique window turned shadowbox which is her most prized possession. 

I adore and covet it!

She gives instruction on how her husband made the window into a shadow box and tells the sweet story of how it came about.  I love her wedding dress - and what a great use for your wedding day bouquet!!!

I didn't keep my bouquet (big regret now), but I'm going to brainstorm some other items I can put inside.  I think I'll do one with a mix of pics from Joe's and my wedding and maybe a pic from the honeymoon and one of Evelyn as a baby.  What a great idea! I'm really excited to get working on this project.  You know, after I finish the other 15 projects I have on tap.

Some other ideas for salvaged windows include:

Hang them as wall art

Frame a mirror

Photo courtesy of Madigan Made

Mount floating pictures

Both of the above photos courtesy of Pacific Mutual Door

Turn it into chalkboard/magnetic board/dry erase board

Courtesy of Red Hen Home

Paint or etch a saying or quote onto the glass

Courtesy of Paint Me Shabby

You could also place scrapbook paper or fabric behind the windows to use as wall art as well!  Share any ideas you might have. 


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