Thursday, February 2, 2012

Vintage Brooches

This isn't a new obsession for me, but a revisited one.  I'm crushing on vintage brooches lately.  I think they make any outfit look polished and put together.  I've started pinning mine to cardigans, scarves, and using them at the waists of dresses to gather the fabric. 

I got my first vintage brooch with the intentions of wearing it in my hair for my wedding.  But when the one I ordered from Etsy came in the crystals had a blue and purple tint to them when the light hit them which wouldn't have matched my champagne colored lace dress.  So instead of returning it I had the idea to pin it on my purple coat and I get more compliments on that thing than you could imagine! 

Here is Laura modeling the coat for me

Wouldn't that coat look blah without the brooch?
As usual, my dear friend Laura had the great idea to pin a brooch of hers to one of her necklaces.  So I started to do it and now I'm noticing a lot of people are doing the same.

Since Laura was forced to stop by and model on her way home I also forced her to model a scarf.

Of course, when I make something my obsession I want LOTS of it.  So I spent probably 3 hours surfing Etsy and Ebay looking for some new pieces.  I look everytime I flea market and antique shop too to try and find something to add to my collection, but haven't found the perfect piece just yet.  I'm looking for a brooch for my white coat and some to pin to my jewelry as well. 

When I started my search today, I was surprised by how many big player names there were being sold for so cheap! Dior, Gerrys, Juliana, Weiss, Sarah Coventry, Trifari, Yves Saint Laurent - all available!

Here are the pics of my favs I found looking around on Etsy and Ebay.  Etsy alone had over 100,000 hits for "brooch" so there was no way I could view them all.  Hope you find something you like!  They all include links to purchase the items. 

Christian Dior circa 1963
Image from Etsy shop MindiLynJewelry

Image from Etsy shop denise5960

Image from Etsy shop VintagePennyLane

Yves Saint Laurent
Image from Etsy shop brocantic

Image courtesy of Goodoldjewlery

Image courtesy of Etsy shop musarraandcompany

There are several like these; entire lots of brooches.  I'm loving the one in the center with the red center stone. 
Image courtesy of Etsy shop SteampunkArtSupplies

Image courtesy of Etsy shop kiamichi7

I love the filigree work on this one
Image courtesy of Etsy shop ArtiFects

Image courtesy of Etsy shop kiamichi7

Image courtesy of Ebay shop 1213studio

Update on February 15, 2012 - Check out post Vintage Brooches - Part Deux here


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