Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Vintage Brooches - Part Deux

Hello, My Name is Beth and I'm an Etsy Addict.

I'm starting to have a serious problem.  I've been Etsy-ing for about 3 hours a day the past 4 days in search of brooches, trinket dishes and china plates for my walls.  Since I got lots of great feedback about the last brooch post I decided to share a few more I found that I loved. 

More ideas on how to use brooches to jazz up outfits:  Pin them to your lapel of your suit jacket, add them to the shoulder of an asymmetrical top or dress, or pin them to multi-strand bracelets!  I noticed in pics that they are used a ton on wedding cakes and bouquets now too. 

I love the paper towel background
Courtesy of Etsy shop bettysworld4u

Courtesy of Etsy shop FlirtTreasures

Courtesy of Etsy shop asw52811

If only this were 50% off I'd buy it immediately!
Courtesy of Etsy shop yummiesmummy

Courtesy of Etsy shop PolliniAtelier

Courtesy of Etsy shop TheLastCurtsy

Courtesy of Etsy shop TheGirlFromYesterday

Courtesy of Etsy shop TotallyScarves

Courtesy of Etsy shop thehopetree

Courtesy of Etsy shop affordablevintage4u

Courtesy of Etsy shop ChezVous

And that's just what I found an Etsy.  Make sure you check out Ebay and too!

I just found this quote about brooches I thought I'd share:

"If you want to start a collection, start with a brooch because you will find
most use for it. It can be pinned on a suit lapel, collar or pocket, on a hat,
belt, or evening gown."

~Coco Chanel

Wise beyond her years.   

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  1. Yup! I ADORE etsy. I get most of A's hairbands/bows there and since your last post on brooches, momma got a couple... Keep up the good work! J.


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