Friday, March 16, 2012

Giveaway! Gold Movement Earrings

In honor of my romantic weekend getaway I'm taking with my hubs, I'm doing my first giveaway! This giveaway is for a pair of gorgeous gold movement earrings from Premier Jewelry. These earrings are so versatile they make me wish my ears were pierced! My friend Laura (she has great style), had them and I admired them so much I started giving them as gifts to others! I promise you will love them too.

I suppose I must address why my ears aren't pierced....
When I was in 2nd grade all my friends already had or were getting their ears pierced.  I begged my Mom to let me get mine done too, but she said no and that I was too young (by the way, her ears aren't pierced either).  I was so upset and kept asking for months because I just wanted to be like everybody else.  Finally, in 6th grade she said I could get mine done but by then no one was wearing earrings anymore - it was no longer "a thing". 
As the years went on, from time to time I would consider having them pierced but I would psyche myself out as I'm not a fan of pain.  Then in high school, I was sitting next to Bobby O'Bryan in Health class and he said "Your ears aren't pierced." I responded "I know" (I was a smart ass back then too).  And he said "How refreshing."  What a compliment!  This gave new confidence to the rebel portion of my personality and so now here I am today, with my ears still not pierced. 
Enough about me, on to how to win!
To enter the giveaway, all you have to do is leave a comment on this post (as a Blogger member or else I don't know who you are) and describe in that post what your perfect summer outfit would be to pair with these earrings.  If you want to build something on Polyvore and send me a link - go right ahead.  The contest starts NOW and will end at Midnight on Thursday, March 22nd and the winner will be announced Friday morning.  Only one entry per person please.  Good luck!   


  1. These earrings would be a great addition to my spring/summer wardrobe! I'm thinking they would be paired with white shorts, navy tank, and neutral wedges...think nautical. I'm loving gold these days and slowly working it into my wardrobe in small pieces, so this would be perfect!

  2. These earrings could go with so many outfits. I would put them with a coral top and gray or white shorts with my gray Tom's wedges ( of course).


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