Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Obsession of the Day: Bringing Grass Into the Home

My iPhone came in.   Gone are the days of the cell phone guy transferring your contact list for ya.  I'll deal with that later.  And the iCloud?  Are ya kidding me?  That ate about 2 hours of my day up.  I'm sure it will be worth it in the end, though.  My husband got an iPad for his birthday in July and I don't think we've plugged it into a computer since - the software upgrade took 35 minutes!  I need to stay more abreast of technology apparently.  All I knew was my Joann app and Words with Friends was still working okay. 

Today's topic:  I love the use of grass in design elements.  It brings a little bit of outside in and I LOVE the color green.  When I see something grasslike in a house I think "fun" and "clean" for some reason.  We recently acquired this as part of Evelyn's birthday party decorations - courtesy of Signed, Sealed, Delivered in Rogers.

I keep finding myself staring at it and thinking of all sorts of ideas to use the grass for.  It'll be perfect for an Easter centerpiece! 

It also made me think....which is dangerous.....and I remembered I have some pics from the 3.14 Hotel I stayed at in Cannes that had grass covered furniture (not real grass).  Granted, it was outside, but still fun. 

The website it worth a look - this hotel was CRAZY!  Joe and I stayed in a Moulin Rouge themed room and his mom and sister were in a Balinese type room~it came complete with our own "love making kit" which we still have, untouched. 

I'm going to start out with some useful items!  We have two of these drying racks on our countertop and I adore them.  I don't just use them for E's stuff.  They are great to dry wine glasses and all kinds of stuff (ex: paint brushes, plastic storage containers and lids), and are more interesting to the eye than the two-story white spinning bottle rack which I had before I purchased these. 


Photo courtesy of

This next one should probably be on my Dude's gift list as well.  It's just fun. 

Photo courtesy of Kikkerland Designs

Here are some great pillows from Inhabit Living that start at $45 - they have them in many sizes.

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

I'm really loving this one. 
Courtesy of Chair Couture

Courtesy of Waterware, Inc.

I ran a quick search in Google for "grass fabric" and had tons of hits.  If you are interested in purchasing some fabric for use in your own home, try out  They had a few different choices. 

Come back tomorrow for some talk about babies!


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