Monday, November 28, 2011

More Gift Ideas for Non-Dudes like Ladies and Babies

I'm keeping it short and sweet since the length of this entry is LLLooooonngggg because of all the pics.  Please comment with your great gift ideas!  Everybody needs help thinking up stuff to give.

The ultimate wine bottle opener that makes you feel like a bad ass when you use it:  The Cork Pops Legacy.  In short, you stab the needle through the cork and press the button.  It then sends a shot of carbon dioxide into the bottle and the pressure makes the cork pop right out!  It's so easy, it's stupid.  You can buy replacement needles and cartridges.  I've had mine for I think 3 years and only replaced the cartridge twice so far.  I do run into the occasional cork that is too porous for this to work, so keep your other opener just in case. 

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These are some of my favorite go to gifts for kids.  DixieBelle Gifts screen prints these amazingly soft shirts that are personalized!  I can speak from experience that these shirts don't shrink; the quality is top notch.  The 0-6 month sizes are onesies and then they have t-shirts all the way up to 6 years.  Every year I get Evelyn two long sleeved shirts and they last until she grows out of them.  I buy them big and she wears them tunic style and then grows into them through the winter.  They also have bags and blankies as well as onesies specific for little babies with designs on the rear.  Here are some of my fav designs this season.

All shirt pics are courtesy of DixieBelle Gifts

For the Family:
I have one of these myself and adore it and get compliments all the time.  Again, from DixieBelle Gifts are House Number Pots. I have a red one that has our last name on it and I adore it.  I'm about to plant some pansies in it and put it out front on our stoop.  You can get your house number, your last name, just an initial, your last name and the year your family was established.  Very cute.  Each one is hand painted by Jenny herself (Jenny is the owner of DixieBelle Gifts).  She started out by making one of these for her Grandmother and they became quite a hit!  The pots are 12 inch terra cotta.  Check them out.

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For the Ladies:

Graphic Image is my new favorite gift website.  Most of the items come in multiple colors and you can have them personalized.  They have many different items for each kind of technology like phones, eReaders, and eTablets.  I'm dying to get this iPad cover....

.....and this iPhone cover.......

And check out these luggage tags - only $25 with the option of getting your initial gold stamped too!
The crocodile ones below are $29

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People Magazine Subscription

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What lady doesn't love celebrity gossip?  Joe got my subscription for me three Christmases ago and I love it.  He always jokes he got his money's worth because I literally read them every Friday night cover to cover and even do the crossword.  You can give the gift of People here.


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