Monday, November 21, 2011

Gift Ideas for Dudes

I had a busy week last week kids.  E's bday was Wednesday.  Then Thursday I decided to drive to Dallas and go to Chi Omega Christmas Market (always worth it) and then drive back home Friday to throw E a small bday party Saturday.  (Pics to come of decor).  Now I'm back and since I'm near hyperventilating about what the heck to buy people for Christmas, I'm going to post some ideas I have and hope for other suggestions in return!

Note:  I was not a Chi O, and was not a part of any sorority in college.  My friend Amy has been the chair the past 2 years for the Christmas market and I just love going.

For Dudes:
My husband won one of these at the Chi Omega Christmas auction last year........

Courtesy of Home Fields, Inc.

Quite simply, it's a replica of Cowboys stadium and it's 3 dimensional and on the back it has a brief history.  I thought "That's kinda lame, but he can put it in his office at work and I'll never have to see it."  Well, Joe did put it in his office and gets compliments on it all the time.  So when I told him last minute "Hey I'm going to Dallas to shop the market", he asked if I would get him Rangers Stadium for him to display as well.

I think it's a good time to note that having 3 of something constitutes a collection.  So if you have 2 chickens or roosters displaying in your kitchen, you are walking a fine line between kitchy and crazy.

Now, when I go to the market I have a system of attack.  I walk/shop the outside perimeter first and then go up and down each row.  Take your time.  I found out last year (my first year) after 2 visits and hundreds of dollars spent that you should just take your time and hit it up once and early in the week before it gets picked over.  Oh, and take a stroller sans baby so you can carry all the stuff you buy easier.

Back to gifts, anyway, I get to this particular booth towards the end of my shopping and there is a line of Dudes and a line of wives all buying these for their husbands and dads.  The ones Joe has are like 9 inches wide and 4 inches high.  I didn't realize they made ones that are Ginormous and light up too!  Seeing all of these displayed before me, they are actually pretty cool, and granted I'm a girl who loves her some sports, but they are pretty awesome.  The collegiate ones are even better than the pro ones because they have the mascot on them.  Example below. (Go Hogs!!!!! #3 Ranked! Beat LSU! Woo Pig Sooie!!)

Courtesy of Home Fields, Inc.

Joe's probably gonna get the Razorback Stadium next year - unless they start doing the NBA arenas and then we will for sure be getting the AAC (Go Mavs! Reigning Champions!!!)

Anyway, Dudes love these things.  Make a Dude in your life happy.  The smaller size costs $40. I know, it is a little pricey, but you'll have yourself a happy dude.  They also sell little acrylic cases for both sizes and I did get one of those for my Dad.  There is something about the case that makes it look even more 3 dimensional.  I think the acrylic must distort it (in a good way).  Visit Home Fields, Inc.  to order. 

Next Gift:
All men are really just little boys inside.  That's why last year I bought my Dad this:

Courtesy of

Note the age on the box is for men boys aged 10-12.  Well, my Dad is 69 years old and loved this thing.  He gets a real kick out of shooting the missles at my Mom too.  I've had some other lady friends get these for Dudes in their life too and every one of them loves it.  Just do it.

Click here for more gift ideas. 



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