Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Mercury by Collier Campbell Fabric

Found a new fabric I had to have for throw pillows for the bedroom.........

Isn't it fun?  I grabbed 3 yards at Sew Chic before it closed.  It's called Mercury and part of Collier Campbell's Exotic Inspiration collection for Fabricut.  I needed something that was fun and a punch of color to go in my semi-bland room.  Here is a pic from the old house in Dallas of what the room looks like:

All the same stuff in a different bedroom essentially.  Same bedding, same furniture, same curtains.  We even have the same paint color at the new house (Lenox Tan by Benjamin Moore).  It was staged without our bench we have at the foot of the bed which is red also.  That is where one of the pillows will be located. 

So back to the truly understand what a fabric (for lack of a better word) "whore" I am, I liked the fabric so much............I bought it twice!

I know, I'm a crazy person, but it was 75% off!!!! I figure it I don't use all of it, surely someone else will want it.  The purple is called the Peacock color scheme. See the link for fabric details. I found it on good ole too for purchase if you are interested.  I've been searching the internet for awhile and I cannot find the orange color scheme for purchase anywhere. Nor is it on the Fabricut website so maybe it's been discontinued.

Update (7/19/2012):  I'm selling my yardage of the peacock color scheme.  We decided to do raspberry instead of purple in the den/hearthroom as an accent color.  You can purchase all of my 4.5 yards here for $7.99 per half yard.    

I got curious and found that Collier Campbell created another color of the Mercury pattern too. Here it is in Black and Bright.

I plan on knocking out a pillow tonight so I'll upload a pic tomorrow.  I'm also finishing up another Razorback pumpkin so I'll post that too.  I've got tons of little stuff to get done before Evelyn's birthday party next week.  I cannot believe she's going to be 2!  I wish I could just freeze her growth and keep her this size forever....except potty trained.  Here's a little E to look at and make your evening complete. We were wedding dress shopping for my friend we call "Sis" and to keep E busy we found some things to dress her up!  Come back tomorrow!


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