Thursday, February 28, 2013

Fresh Beat Band Birthday Party

So, you could say my daughter is obsessed with the Fresh Beat Band.  She really really loved them - but after we took her to their concert over in Tulsa back in May it really kicked into high gear.

I knew that doing a Fresh Beat Band party was the only way to go this year for her birthday.  The third birthday is the year you stop having the party for yourself (the parents) and start having for the kids.  So Joe and I bit the bullet and just decided to have a bunch of kids over, turn on some music, and just let them tear up the place and dance!

When I was googling for ideas for the party they were thin and far between so I documented where everything came from to help out other moms. also get a sneak peek at the new curtains in the den!  Enjoy.

This child has never gotten dressed so fast in the morning.  This is her eating breakfast in full Fresh Beat attire.

I made the little "What a Great day" labels in Microsoft Word - then printed and glued to the party favor bags for the kids. 

Backstage passes are available at the Nick Jr. website to print for FREE here.  I took them to Office Depot to print and then they laminated them for me as well.  I ordered the multicolored lanyards from Oriental Trading and then included the passes in the mail with the invitations:


Invitations are from Etsy shop - FreshBeatBandHQ.  I royally messed up though - all four of the pink sayings are each band members saying....the last one was suppose to be Twist's "wouldn't it be cool if", but when I paraphrased in my notes and then sent it to the designer like that.  Don't make the same mistake I did!  I didn't notice it until after I sent out invites.


The awesome Happy Birthday hanging sign came from Etsy shop - PutYourHeartInIt. It looks twice as good in person. Loved working with this Etsy store.

I made the Groovy Smoothie sign in Microsoft Word and then took it to FedEx/Kinkos and had it printed on cardstock.  The Groovy Smoothie consisted of orange juice mixed with orange soda - the kids loved it.
 The cupcake toppers were another Nick Jr freebie.  I just cut them out and attached them to cake pop sticks.  My mom is responsible for the the drum stand.  She bought a regular drum at Big Lots and then embellished it with ribbon and foam cutouts.

All the tableware came from Oriental Trading


The poster and flyers all came from Nick for free.  And I made the welcome sign in Microsoft Word. We also put up the posters and flyers all over the house.

Joe, myself, and the other adults that helped out all wore "SECURITY" shirts.  Joe manned the door and stamped all the kids hands as they came in. 

Our itinerary was let everybody get there, play some FBB music, hit the table and have some Chick Fil A lunch (Brandy and Erik had food already on the table for the kids which helped out a TON), then we did cupcakes and cookies, then handed out the gift bags which included inflatable guitars, sunglasses, microphones and some little stuff, and then we played more FBB music and ended the party with some outside play time.  The rest of the pics aren't too informative.  Just fun!

My fav pic from the entire party.  Totally captured the moment.
Joe clowning around with one of E's gifts after the party

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  1. Haven’t seen such an exotic birthday eve. Even the celebration conducted by my son's school was no less than a gala event. One of the big event space Chicago was booked and planner did all the decorations very beautifully. Baked snacks were yummy. Got warm welcome from lovely students.


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