Monday, February 18, 2013

Hanging Dish Towels

Today I've got a little "Pinterest Hack" I'm going to share with you.  I found this cute pin on Pinterest of adorable hanging dish towels.  Here is the original blog from The Creamer Chronicles here.  Also on that blog is the link to the downloadable pattern for this easy sewing project.  The pattern is in pdf format so you print on regular paper and just cut it out and tape the 2 pieces together.  Voila - you're done!

Here's where I bettered the project:  Instead of going to the trouble of making button holes (ugh - pain).  I just used sew in velcro.  This also betters the project in that when the over buzzer goes off I just run over and pull on the towel part and they come right off for me to reach in and take out the hot plate. You're welcome. 

The towels I used are just washcloths from Walmart.  And the fabric I used for the handles are leftover from the bookshelf project.  The decorative buttons I found at Joann (aka the most expensive part of the project). 

Here's some pics of the finished product for you to enjoy!

They really turned out cute.  I've gotten a lot of good feedback.  This might be a lucrative business venture!

So easy!  Trading velcro for button holes was genius if I do say so myself. 

Someone else took a fancy to them and stole the third one I made from downstairs to keep in her kitchen. 


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