Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Let Me Catch You Up

Remember the abstract wall art posting?  It was really no contest where we were going to hang it.  Above the couch in the den won!

UGH - I cannot wait to get this room completely done.  I've got the curtain rods and I've started shopping for a new couch.  I think the curtains are really going to transform the room.  I need to get on finishing E's room and then wrap this one up too!  After I get the curtains up we'll definitely be adding more art to that wall.  Did you notice the two lampshades?  We had to move the floor lamp because of all the new surround sound equipment - which I also desperately need a cabinet for.  SO MUCH TO DO!!!

I'm still loving my gold leaf pen.  I jazzed up the double mat in this frame with just a few minutes of effort!  The framed print came from Delivered by Danielle on Etsy.  She has a great shop if you are looking for wall art; she totally worked with me and came up with the color for the print in minutes with very little direction!  I think I said "Raspberry/Dark Hot Pink" and she was like "BOOM!" I'm done. Buy It. And I did.


While playing on Pinterest I came across this pic and thought "Oh what a cute chair."  Then I took a closer look.  Do you recognize any of the fabrics on the chair?

Photo courtesy of

It's got my den curtain fabric AND the zebra fabric I used on the ottoman in E's big girl room!  Love.  Paige has great taste and the cutest family - you should really check out her blog. 

Etsy wise, I'm waiting with bated breath for Lauren of Lala Design Studio to return from vacation so I can purchase this necklace.

Photo courtesy of Laladesignstudio shop on Etsy

I spotted this on a treasury list before I logged in and immediately showed Joe the iPad and said "I want this for our anniversary next year." But I'm not sure I can wait!  I'm also on the hunt for something with Evelyn's birthstone in it.  I've spotted a few necklace on Etsy I like - but not love.  If anyone spots a piece of jewelry with Citrine in it I need; let me know.   

I bet you are all wondering why I haven't said anything about the Olympics yet.  Don't worry - an entire post is coming.  And last night's men gymnastics meltdown had me downright depressed, yelling, and in bed about 2 hours earlier than normal.  I will say I was so happy for Great Britain to win a medal, and so sad Ukraine got bumped by Japan and the rock star Tokyo-Go-Go hairdo guy.

I'm off to see my parents progress on some redo's they are doing for the house.  One of which is the bathroom I used growing up.  I SO wish I had taken before pics.  Maybe mom did.  Hope everyone has a great day!


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