Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Obsession of the Day: Chinese Chippendale Chairs

Today was our first snow to experience back in Arkansas.  I suppose it flurried overnight but left enough to blanket the yards and rooftops.  Roads are clear though and that's good.  I took Lil' E outside to play in it and she was not having it.  She kept saying "Oh No My Slide!!"  "Oh No My Basketball Goal!"  "Oh No My Table"  "It's Dirty!!"  and she wouldn't touch it at all.  I did, however, sing the Bubble Guppies theme song and got a smile out of her. 

On to the topic of the day:

When I say Chippendale, you think this......

When I say Chippendale, I think this.......

Then I think of this......

I've seen them. Twice.

And then I think of Chinese Chippendale chairs.

I love Chinese Chippendale Chairs~what a lot of people (like myself for years) refer to as bamboo chairs.  They are called Chippendale for Thomas Chippendale who lived in the 1700s in England and was a renowned interior designer and furniture maker who introduced the style.  It's truly amazing that Chinese Chippendale or Chinoiserie is still a popular design staple today. 

You'll notice in the pictures below there are many of today's designers recreating these looks.  If you want to look at more Chinoiserie style items I encourage you to visit  That Beth is an abundant resource for inspiration and links to purchase Chinoiserie items.  During my research I found about 20 photos of chairs I wanted to include for this post, but thought since she's already done the work you should directly visit her site.  Hope you enjoy!
Courtesy of Chinoiserie Chic

Courtesy of Jonathan Adler

Courtesy of V and M

Graciella Rutkowski Interiors, via

Courtesy of STYLEBEAT

I'll take the beverage cart too. 
Courtesy of Society Social


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