Friday, December 30, 2011

Looking Forward to 2012

It's almost 2012.  That means the flea marketing and "antiquing" is going to be superb this next week because people are getting rid of things to make room for new stuff they got for Christmas, as well as the tax conscious consumers are making donations before year end to claim charitable contributions on their taxes  (I did a tax internship).  I'm definitely going to hit a few places tomorrow and do some more on Monday, and if needed Wednesday.  I really don't need anything in particular.  Just want to see if their is something I can't live without.  I'd be happy to do some personal shopping if anybody wants me to keep an eye out for anything.  I'll charge a 10% finders fee (*wink). 

I suppose I'm looking forward to 2012 and to see what it brings.  2011 brought a lot of change to our family~including our big move back to Arkansas and my retirement.  The impending new year is making me think about my 2011 "resolutions" and how I never seem to accomplish them.  I had three:

1)  Get back in shape        FAIL
2)  Don't procrastinate about getting things done around the house     SEMI FAIL
3)  Stop making work my first priority and make my family #1         PASS

At least the most important one is the one I managed to accomplished.  And now that I'm no longer working I should be able to concentrate on getting 2011's #1 and #2 addressed.  So, the first actions I'm taking in order to ensure successful resolutions for the new year is getting them written down. The second step is that I'm going to add actions I'm going to take to get these goals accomplished.  So here they are:  My New Years Resolutions for 2012:

1)  Get back in shape by using our brand new treadmill for cardio, taking walks with Evelyn once the weather warms up, and using the Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred (I've already done it a few times and it is a real a**-kicker), and eating a more balanced diet.

2) Stop procrastinating about getting things done around the house by making a list of items I need to paint, sew, purchase and make a schedule so that I clean a room each day instead of trying to clean the entire house at once. 

3) Make my blog my "job" - other than being a good mom and wife. 
Blog Goals for 2012:
  • Reach 100 members
  • Get 1,000 page views a month (right now I average about 400 a month)
That's really it.  I'm keeping it simple and trying not to make my expectations too high. 

But to reach my 3rd goal - I need your help!  Please tell me what you like and dislike about the blog or what you would like to see me blog about.  I welcome constructive criticism - I don't want a comment or email that says "I don't like your blog".  I'd rather have "I don't like your recipes" or "I don't like it when all you do is a complaining post" or perhaps "You are like, the most brillant craft idea stealer ever!".  I want to make my blog something you want to read and in order to do that - let me know what you like!

Promises to YOU, the readers!!!!

I love to read blogs.  I read a range of different types daily.  But I've noticed lately, to much chagrin, that some of the very popular ones have "sold out".  They are now getting sponsors and that requires them to post daily - and because of that, the quality of the postings has gone down.  This makes me so sad because I use to look forward to read their posts and now if I see a new post on my dashboard I think "oh great, is this one an actual post or just filler?"  I don't want to E3 Creations be like that.  So I promise never to post just to post; therefore I won't be posting everyday.  If I have tons to talk about and lots of ideas to share - I might post everyday one week.  But  I'm all about quality over quantity. 

2012 is going to ring in Beth's Favorite Things. That's right - I'm going to do giveaways of some of my favorite things! You will have to leave a comment to enter so if you are a dedicated reader but aren't "follower", you need to join and be a fan. Because I am not paid to blog - if you are interested in advertising please contact me ;) - the prizes won't be that great. But hopefully it will attracts more members. More members=my blog being more attractive to advertisers=bigger and better giveaways. Get it? Good.

So spread the word when I do a post you like - and comment, comment, comment!!!  Don't forget to write down your resolutions and put them someplace you are forced to look at them.  You are more apt to accomplish them if so.  Goodbye 2011, you were a better year than 2010 and brought me much happiness.  Here's looking forward to 2012 - a new year that is FULL of possibilities!  What will you do with this new year?


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