Thursday, June 7, 2012

Hearth Room Help Needed!

I'm beat; both figuratively and literally. What I thought would be a 4 hour painting job turned into an all day misadventure.

I did all the taping off for the room yesterday except for the window. I saved that for today bc I also needed to take down the blinds. So I get the blinds ready to take down, climb up on the step stool and the blinds attack me. They came right out of their brackets and went straight for my head - the temple to be exact.  They also on the way down got my shoulder and forearm pretty good before the grand finale on my shin.  So far I have no bruises but I'm not sure how.  I have a little lump on my forehead but that's about it.  I was the most worried during the 3 second incident that it would break the glass on the window.  Luckily it didn't.  It did scratch the glass and take a chunk off the wood window sill and a chunk of drywall but that was it!

On top of those new sore spots are general all over soreness from yesterday's workout (one of the first of the new year.  Remember my New Year's Resolutions?  I'm finally getting around to those).  I did an intense arm workout and then did a speed walk on an incline for 30 minutes.  I was tired, I'm sore, but I'm motivated and feel great.  I can't wait until I start seeing results!  I had a "come to Jesus" with my fatness when I had to don a bikini for the first time this season last weekend.  Yeesh.  Someone should have told me I looked like that.....JOE. 

Anyway, I have 2/3rds of 1 wall of the room left to paint and then I'll be done - other than touch ups here and there.  I'm trying to muster up the energy to knock it all out tonight and then be able to move onto fabric decisions tomorrow.  Can't wait!!!  I'm chugging a Cherry Coke Zero currently to help me realize that goal.

Yesterday I told you I needed some help.  And I still do.  I wish you could all just come to my house and see in person what I'm dealing with.  Let me give you a little background on how I make decisions.....

A few years ago I bought my first car with my own money.  To make a long story short - I test drove cars in 3 different states and pretty much every single mid-size SUV and mid-size sedan on the market (I'm not overexaggerating).  I'm the type that wants to try EVERY possible option before making a decision so that I'm absolutely confident. 

Guess how many paint samples I went through before I decided on the Fresh Olive for the den?  I'll go count........8.  That's a lot of olive green people.  So choosing fabric is no different.  On Monday I received sample number 33 and 34 from Lewis and Sheron fabrics.  This is after I decided that #28 was the one I was for sure going to use for window treatments.  I had totally forgotten I ordered 2 more and I like #33 a lot and don't know what the heck I'm going to do now!!!!

Not only do I need which-one-to-pick advice - I also need advice on what window treatments to do with the fabric.  I need treatments that will let as much light as possible into the room to help brighten it up. 

Our inspiration for our color palette is from the May 2012 edition of Southern Living.  Right on the cover was the solution to our "What are our accent colors going to be?"  Answer:  Hot pink.  I literally took one look at it, flipped to the article and started googling the fabrics.  All were too expensive (ex: $120 a yard).  So I decided to some options plus visit some local stores for options. 

Inspiration Photos from

 There's the olive green that immediately caught my eye.  Joe and I both thought the hot pink would be a great way to brighten the room up!

So now that you've seen the inspiration - here are the two options we have for window treatments:

Option A - Robert Allen Woven Jacquard Ikat Fret in Raspberry

Image courtesy of

Option B -  Mercury Ikat in Orange and Pink

Image courtesy of Lewis and Sheron Fabrics

Those are the fabrics.  I have samples hanging of both.  I'm having trouble finding pics of the full print of the Mercury to see what it actually looks like.  If you find one - let me know.  I have a running Pros and Cons list so if you want to add your two cents on them - go right ahead.  The rest of this post will be pics of the hearth room and the windows that will be "treated".  I need ideas my loves - help me!!!

So here is the main part of the room.  The "den" area.  It's got the windows on either side of the fireplace and then double windows on the side. 

A peek at the fabric samples

A far away look at the fabrics

Windows in the kitchen area - whatever the window treatment is for here - it will need to close.  The sun gets really intense through that window first thing in the morning. 


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