Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I'm Tripping.

I've been MIA and I know it.  But if you missed me the past 2 weeks, this will be your only post for the next 2.

Joe and I are taking an adults only trip to the Philippines.  Random, I know. 

Joe's dad has lived over there for about 3 years now and we're thinking he'll be done with his job there come December.  Because of lack of our own funds, we decided to go over there and check out Manny Paquaio's homeland.

The flights are no bueno.  We are flying from here to Dallas (45 min flight), then fly Dallas to Seoul, Korea (no joke - 14 hours), then Seoul to Manilla (4 hours).  I just got done downloading some new books to the Kindle to help me through the flights (that and Xanax).

We arrive in Manilla around 10pm at night their time.  So I plan on just going to bed (did I mention I don't sleep on planes?)  The first day we are visiting the Taal Volcano and probably just hanging around the neighborhood we are staying in which is Makati.  Apparently there is a HUGE mall next door (yay!)

After that we fly to Cebu which is where Joe's dad actually lives.  We spend 2 days there I think and we'll probably take a day trip over to the island of Bohol.  Then we fly to Boracay for our beach vacation part of the trip for 3 days.  Then back to Cebu for a day and a half and then we fly home.  Kinda gonna be a whirlwind.

At first I was SO gung ho about going.  I was all "This is great! It'll be like old times before E was born when we use to travel a bunch and have adventures." And now I'm like biting my fingernails nervous about leaving Ev for that long and I'm Really not looking forward to the flights, but I am getting excited for the trip. 

It's gonna be great for Joe and I to have some alone time too and just have fun and do what we want to do and eat what we want to eat and not worry about a babysitter. 

I'll have a lot of catching up to do when I return-I got lots of projects done this week. Until then, Ciao!


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