Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Fixing Broken Makeup Compacts - It Works!

I know - I've been ignoring you.  I've been a bad blogger.  In fact, this morning I was referred to as a "loser" for not blogging since April 5th - BUT, I have a few excuses which will make you feel semi-bad for thinking ill of me.

It started with the passing of my best friend from growing up's grandfather so I went home for a few days and was her "plus one" for funeral stuff.  Then when I got back it was Joe's and my anniversary (3 years and still going strong!).  Then one of my besties Courtney got married (in Dallas) and I went down a few days early for shopping for the house - and maybe some spa treatments.  Since then I will admit I've just been lazy. 

I've really been hitting the cleaning and decorating of the house pretty hard since Joe is all up on me again about baby #2.  I just really want this house done before I get all miserable and pregnant again.  I'm also designing Evelyn's big girl room - why does decorating have to be such a process!  The bedding is almost done and once I get that in the room I'll be able to better gage the rest of the items I need.

Now on to you - how is everybody?!  I've had one request to try out some wall art for a friend - after the last wall art I'm feeling a little experimental and might try mdf instead of canvas.  I'm so daring!

Anyway, while in Dallas I had a compact of powder break.  Instead of throwing it out I was just using it like loose powder and then I had a repressed memory resurface of something I saw on pinterest where you can fix these broken compacts.  So I did a little googling and did it!  It worked great - I had just bought a new powder and was pretty bummed when I dropped it in the sink and it busted.  Now, no money wasted!  I love the feeling of accomplishment. 

It's pretty simple - I took the busted compact and broke up the rest of the pressed powder into a loose powder.  This is what it looked like before I started breaking it down into a finer powder:

Make sure whatever object you use to break the rest of the powder up is clean - you don't want any inpurities to make it into the powder and then get on your face. 

I then poured in 91% isopropyl alcohol and mixed it together forming a paste.

Then I kinda slammed the compact on the counter to get the air bubbles out of the mixture.  I learned this during my 3 day failed attempt at making Macaroons last year for our anniversary (They tasted great, but looked horrific).  Hold the compact firmly while you just tap it on a flat surface.  Tap with some vigor though - I probably did it for a minute.  Since the paste is thick it took awhile to get the bubbles to float to the top. 

Then you just sit the compact out for a few hours and that's it!  The alcohol evaporates eventually and you are left with a pressed powder again!  It ain't the prettiest, but who cares! It's usable again. 

I will never again toss a broken compact again - I have some eyeshadows I need to try this out on now! 

I promise to post again by the end of the week.  I need to update you on my projects I'm working on so you can see I don't just sit here and watch soap operas and eat junk food all day.  I only do that one day of the week ;). 


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