Thursday, April 5, 2012

Recycling/Updating Corkboards

I have been on a mission to better myself the past 3 weeks.  I've started a regular cleaning schedule (still tweaking) and am wrapping up little projects left and right. 

You might remember my first post about corkboards (here).  In summary, I took a corkboard that was too big, cut it in half, covered it with fabric, and added decorative upholstery nails to jazz it up.  That was in October I think and it took no time at all.  Well, now it's April and I'm just now getting around to doing the other one.  (This goes back to my New Years resolution of not procrastination.  I'm getting better!)

I did the other one and have both hanging side by side in my laundry room and they are great!  I was running out of room to pin stuff up with just the one.

I just love the nailhead accent.  I could put nailhead on just about everything and adore it. 

The fabric I used is Waverly Groovy Grille in Licorice.  You can buy it here.

I cannot stress how helpful using chalk was to draw the lines and punch the upholstery nails in.  The best part of using chalk is that just a little bit of water removes it from the fabric! 

I've been ordering fabric for Evelyn's "big girl" room.  Samples are on the way so hopefully I can have a post about it soon!


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